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Learn how to create mobile applications and web services without code

Who is this workshop for?

For developers who want to learn how to create projects ten times faster
For freelancers who want to work with a high check, in a low competitive sphere
For everyone who wants to learn a new profession and start earning from $3000 monthly
For startupers who want to launch their own IT service and are not ready to invest at least $200000 in development

What will you get?


A complete theoretical base for creating applications without code. From design and adaptability, to logic and working with big data.


In the live broadcast, the mentor will create applications from scratch and explain each of his actions
so that you can repeat it


You will master a relevant and highly paid profession,
thanks to which you can start earning from $3000 from anywhere in the world.

Employment opportunities

Based on the results of the workshop, we will select the best students to whom we will give full-time job with WeLoveNoCode.

Why do we need this workshop?

It's simple - we at We Love No Code receive a large number of projects and we are critically short of developers. There are a lot of projects - there are not enough developers. Therefore, we decided to arrange a free week-long workshop, teach people how to develop products on NoCode, and then take them to us and offer full-time job with WeLoveNoCode. Therefore, we really hope that you will pass the intensive well, show cool projects at the end and we will be able to make you an interesting job offer. Good luck!
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Monday 12pm PHT

Introductory classes + general theoretical basis for creating applications and web services on Bubble.
Getting to know the interface
Overview of the interface and the main components
Parsing Group, Repeating group, Focus group, etc.
States of elements and ways to change them dynamically
Useful things to make your work easier
Database in Bubble
How to design a database
Data types in Bubble
How to link data between each other
How to write data to the database. Setting up Workflow
How to output values from the database to the front

Tuesday 12pm PHT

Checking homework and answering questions.

Tuesday 6pm PHT

1) Introduction to group elements.
2) Working with the database.
3) Creating an ad page.
4) Filtering of the repeating group.

Wednesday 6pm PHT

1) How to create a chat?
2) Working with user roles.

Thursday 12pm PHT

Checking homework and answering questions.

Thursday 6pm PHT

Creating a personal account of the user and the administrator.

Friday 12pm PHT

1) Creating a form for adding an ad to the site.
2) Saving and changing data in the database.
3) Creating a search for ads on the site from different pages

Friday 6pm PHT

The final of the workshop. We summarize the results, choose the winners who will get full-time job with WeLoveNoCode.

About tutors

Mohammed Haashir
Bubble Developer
Mohammed Haashir is a Product Designer and Tutor at WeLoveNoCode Academy. I have always been passionate about building tech but I wasn't good with math or traditional programming languages apart from managing to get a 'Hello, World!' like program running. When I came across Bubble, I thought there should be more like me who have always wanted this kind of a tool. Ever since then, I started educating more people about NoCode, saw what its potential and became a strong believer of democratising Software Development.

Nikita Shevchenko
WeLoveNoCode founder
During his career as a NoCode developer, Nikita personally created more than 20 mobile applications and created the WeLoveNoCode, together with which he earned more than $ 250,000
Daniel Gorenko
Head of Education
Mentor for Bubble. Danila successfully passed one of our workshops and joined the WeLoveNoCode team. In 3 months, he completed 7 paid projects. Danila will help the workshop participants and answer your questions

Bonuses and prizes

$10000 to pay for various No Code services

Annual access to the WeLoveNoCode Academy

The ability to get full-time job with We Love No Code

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